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MIDI input

VEDA supports MIDI input.
When you set "midi": true in Settings, VEDA enables following uniform variables:

  • sampler2D midi
  • sampler2D note

sampler2D midi

sampler2D midi stores MIDI events obtained by Web MIDI API. The size of midi is 256x128. Each pixel stores the last event of the corresponding MIDI Events.

For example, texture2D(midi, vec2(176. / 256., 8. / 128.)).x yields the value of CC message of CC#8 sent to Channel 1.

  • 176. (0xB0): Control Change of Channel #1
  • 8. (0x08): Control Number
  • .x (3nd byte): Value

See MIDI Event Table to lookup the coordinate.

sampler2D note

sampler2D note stores the volumes for each note number. The size of note is 128x1. Each pixel stores the volume of the last event for corresponding MIDI note.

For example, texture2D(note, vec2(60. / 128., 0)).x yields the velocity of note C4 (Middle C).

See examples for actual usage.