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Not working here!

In most cases, one of following will solve the problem.

glslangValidator is not installed

VEDA requires glslangValidator to be installed on your PC.
See Install for more instruction.

Python2.x is not installed

VEDA requires Python 2.x to be installed on your PC to build Node.js native add-ons.
If Python 3.x is installed, change your settings and make sure python is linked to Python2.x.

VEDA must be rebuilt

Isn't there 🐞 icon on the bottom of Atom?
Click the icon and rebuild the package.

Your PC is too old

WebGL doesn't work on old PCs.
There is a workaround but there is no fundamental solution🙇


Please ask us on GitHub issueor hashtag #VEDAJS".

What is the difference between other live coding editors?

When we started the development of VEDA there were already many live coding systems such as Kodelife, The Force, etc.
VEDA is diffrent from these systems, especially in the policy.

VEDA aims to create GLSL environment making full use of WebGL.
We believe we can create most powerful GLSL system using web technologies like Web Audio, Web MIDI, etc.

Also, there are large communities around WebGL, JavaScript, and Atom.
We aim to provide excellent coding experience with products from these communities such as glslify or autocomplete-glsl.

Wanna learn GLSL?

The Book of Shaders is a good place to start.
Read articles and solve excercises, then you'll be a great shader artist💥