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Keyboard Input

A fragment shader using keyboard inputs is running in this page. Hit any key and see what's happening!

VEDA supports keyboard input.
When you add "keyboard": true to Settings, VEDA enables this uniform variable:

  • sampler2D key

The size of sampler2D key is 256x1.
The state of key input is stored in x corresponding to the keycode.

For example, texture2D(key, vec2(65. / 256.)).r is 1.0 while key a (code: 65) is pressed.

See examples for more detail.

Fullscreen Mode

VEDA provides fullscreen mode for shaders which use keyboard inputs.
When you run Veda:Toggle Fullscreen (ctrl + escape), VEDA hides all elements in the editor except for the shader canvas.
(Run again to show the elements again)
Then you can play with keyboard inputs without changing files.