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VEDA has 3 ways to change settings: Global Settings, Project Settings and File Settings.

The order of priority is File Settings > Project Settings > Global Settings.
For example, when you set "audio": false in Project Settings and "audio": true in File Settings, VEDA enables audio inputs.

Global Settings

You can set Global Settings from Atom's Settings > Packages menu.
You can set these properties in the Settings pane.

  • glslangValidator path
  • Pixel Ratio:
    • Ratio of pixel-per-rendering call
    • Increasing this will reduce CPU/GPU load
  • Frameskip
    • Number of frames to skip rendering
    • e.g. If Frameskip is 2 FPS is 30 (= 60 / 2)
  • Vertex Count
    • Number of vertices in vertex shader
  • Vertex Mode
    • How to draw vertices

Project Settings

Project settings is loaded from .vedarc on your project root.

.vedarc is parsed as JSON5 format.
It's almost the same as JSON, but it's more easy to write:

  "audio": true, // Enable audio input
  "camera": true, // Enable WebCam input

  IMPORTED: { // "" is not necessary
    image: {
      "PATH": "./images/1.jpg",
  },  // trailing-comma is OK

.vedarc is loaded on startup and reloaded automatically when you edit it.

File Settings

You can also write settings specific for the file.
Write comments on the head of the file like this:

  "audio": true,  // Audio input is enabled only in this file
void main() {

Which one should I use?

Use .vedarc for settings such as loading images / videos you use in the project.
Otherwise, write settings to file comment as File Settings.