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VEDA installs following commands to Atom.

  • Veda: Toggle
  • Veda: Load Shader (key: ctrl-enter)
  • Veda: Watch Shader (key: ctrl-shift-enter)
  • Veda: Watch Active Editor (key: ctrl-alt-enter)
  • Veda: Stop Watching (key: ctrl-.)
  • Veda: Toggle Fullscreen (key: ctrl-escape)
  • Veda: Start Recording (key: ctrl-shift-,)
  • Veda: Stop Recording (key: ctrl-shift-.)

In most cases you'll use only Veda: Toggle and Veda: Load Shader.


Start / Stop VEDA.

Load Shader (key: ctrl-enter)

Load the shader on current editor.

Watch Shader (key: ctrl-shift-enter)

Watch current tab and load the shader automatically.

Watch Active Editor (key: ctrl-alt-enter)

Watch active tab and run watch-shader automatically.

Stop Watching (key: ctrl-.)

Stop watch-shader and watch-active-editor.

Toggle Fullscreen (key: ctrl-escape)

Show the output fullscreen in the window.
This is useful for taking screenshots, or shaders which uses keyboard inputs with sampler2D key.

Start Recording (key: ctrl-shift-,)

Start screen recording.
See Recording page for detail.

Stop Recording (key: ctrl-shift-.)

Stop screen recording.