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Feature Requests & Bug Reports

If you find bugs, or wanna request new features, open an issue on GitHub:

Or you can ask us on hashtag #VEDAJS and TOPLAP Slack.

Ask us anything anytime!😸


We're always waiting for your Pull Request!

For VEDA development, you have to clone fand/veda and fand/vedajs.
Prepare these repository by following instruction.

1. Fork & clone fand/vedajs

VEDA.js is the GLSL engine of VEDA.
Prepare it first to refer from Atom package.

First, fork fand/vedajs on GitHub.

Next、run following command on the terminal:

git clone
cd vedajs
yarn link

2. Fork & clone fand/veda

fand/veda is the core of VEDA Atom package.
We have to make Atom see fand/veda on your local PC.

Fork fand/veda on GitHub.

Then run following commands:

git clone
cd veda
yarn link vedajs  # link vedajs on your PC
apm link  # Make Atom see fand/veda on your PC

3. Edit the code

Now your Atom runs the code on your local PC.
Create a new branch, fix the code, and git commit.

4. Test

Run tests and make sure the code isn't broken.
If your fix is testable, add test cases.

npm run test

5. Create Pull Request

Push your code to GitHub and create Pull Request.

That's all!
Thank you for your contribution!!🙌


This website is hosted on GitHub Pages.
If you find something wrong, open an issue on fand/